Custom Steel Buildings

The use of steel in the construction industry begun in the twentieth century and has gained prevalence after the Second World War. Steel buildings have significantly expanded due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. In fact, very other construction materials can match the resilience and  durability provided by steel. The alloy has been extensively used in agriculture, aviation, and commercial buildings among others use.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Due to its versatility, steel is quickly becoming popular in the construction of agricultural structures. Steel structures can be used for many farm purposes including storing seeds, crops and farm equipment. With an efficient floor plan, steel structures may not require columns and therefore providing more space. In addition, steel structures offer freedom for design layout which allows not only for storage space but workshop/equipment maintenance areas. We understand that farmers have different ways of doing things depending on the crops they grow or the livestock they keep. We can, therefore, customize your steel building to fit your needs using our variety of models and layouts.   Steel structures also allow for open areas for riding arenas and exhibition grounds.


Owning airplanes is a great investment in terms of both initial acquisition cost and maintenance. In the recent decade, personal aviation has grown in different parts of the country. The need for more space has therefore increased as more people and companies continue to increase their fleet. We provide custom pre-engineered steel buildings for different designs and layouts of hangers. Our steel buildings are durable with straight walls and tight connections guaranteeing a return on your investment. Additionally, we use high-quality steel which is resistant to termites, rusting, mildew and mold.  All of this minimizes the tear and wear thus lowering the cost of maintenance. Steel structures can be be customized to your ideas and  you will be able to choose a style and size that is convenient and within your budgets. As a private aircraft owner,  having your own hanger this gives you the option to customize your hanger to fit other needs like an office or air conditioner.

Commercial And Residential

Using steel in commercial and residential construction offers a lot of benefits to conventional methods of construction. Steel materials are strong,  lighter than wood, less flammable than other materials and does not rot making them most suitable for commercial and residential buildings.. Steel is providing viable solutions for builders who have complained about having the span to cover  farming materials and wide spans of commercial and residential buildings

In the recent past, real estate prices have skyrocketed and you can improve the value of your land by adding steel structures for commercial or residential purposes. Steel provides you the option to customize your building to fit your client’s needs.

Advantages of steel building

  1. Efficiency- Our structures are pre-engineered to make it for onsite construction. Normally, we weld, drill / punch the required components in our warehouses before they are taken on site. This is meant to provide efficiency.
  2. Durability- Our structures are created in a way that they can withstand all different types of weather conditions.
  3. Fire resistant- Fire can be caused by many things and it is a big threat to structures made of wood. In fact, fire can raze down wooden warehouses or buildings within a matter of minutes destroying properties of value. Our products are fire resistant and can considerably reduce potential loss due to fire.
  4. Rot resistant– apart from fire resistance, our products are also resistant to rot, unlike wooden structures. Actually, some insurance companies are giving
  5. discounts on structures made of steel.

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