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Hospitality Contractor

Hospitality Contractor
Stonebridge Contracting creates and renovates a variety of commercial properties, most commonly restaurants, hotels, and timeshares.  Our construction showcases innovative and welcoming spaces, customized to fit our clients’ needs.  Our team specializes in commercial construction, with incomparable expertise and knowledge of the industry.  The process of development and construction requires careful coordination, extreme organization, open communication, and precise execution.  Our staff will deliver excellent customer service, as our team is state-certified, licensed, and insured.  Our hospitality construction services start with a complimentary estimate, tailored to fit your needs.  Stonebridge Contracting is fully committed to bringing your vision to life, and is available to assist you 7 days a week.

Our skillful contractors work tirelessly to make your dreams a reality.  We work with the latest designs, materials, and equipment to ease the process of hospitality construction.  Our estimated time frames are dependent upon the project, and your success is our top priority.  We complete all of our projects quickly and efficiently, with the foresight and experience to prevent the problems that can delay projects.  Stonebridge staff and contractors are detail-oriented.  Before even starting the project, you can rest assure our team of contractors have all of the appropriate certifications.  All of our contractors have current and state-specific licenses, insurance, verification through the state attorney general, and offer substantial warrantees for all work.  Our contractors offer competitive pricing, have experience in the industry and knowledge of the market, a history of satisfied customers, and will seamlessly acquire building permits for your project.


Stonebridge has a contracting team with vast experience and expertise working in the restaurant industry.  Our team is steadfast in their passion to deliver a smooth process and extraordinary results.  Whether you dream of creating a fast food oasis or a fine dining sanctuary, we will transform the space to meet your needs.


Stonebridge fully understands the intricacies of hotel construction and operations.  We complete build-outs and renovations faster than the competition, with little to no inconvenience for guests and staff.  We prevent lost revenue by completing projects on time and within your budget.  Our experience constructing and renovating hotels assures you we understand the quality standards, and will deliver the best results possible.  We not only elevate the value of your hotel, but also the guest experience.


We pride ourselves on building and renovating timeshare properties that keep owners eager to visit.  We work with speed, quality, and safety in mind as we create innovative spaces in even the most complex construction projects.  We offer thoughtful and cost effective solutions to redesigning properties with minimal interruption for staff and guests.

Why Choose Stonebridge?

Stonebridge delivers greatness.  With a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals, we have extensive knowledge and experience in bringing your vision to life.  We have worked on projects with Fortune 500 companies, and have strong industry relationships.  All of our contractors are state licensed and insured to provide only the best customer service.  We provide open communication with all of our clients, and are available 7 days a week.  We customize our projects, from conception to completion, to fit your needs.  Your success is our top priority, and we are fully committed to bringing your vision to life.  Please contact Stonebridge Contracting today to make your dreams a reality.

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