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Hotel ContractorsStonebridge Contracting has developed years of experience and insight when it comes to hotel construction. Not only do we have an in-depth understanding of hotel operations, but it allows us to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a complicated new build, or a more traditional construction, we are able to perform these builds and renovations faster and more economically while also limiting guest and staff inconvenience.has years of hotel construction insight and experience.

In the hospitality industry, specifically in the realm of hotels or resorts, losing a full room night is lost revenue; it’s one less guest that chooses your establishment over another. Because of this concern, we make it our goal to always have everything in line so that when we rebuild or renovate that we do not let your hotel or any of its rooms be down for long. We need you back in service as quickly as possible so that your guests can experience your hotel at it’s best. While we complete our projects on time, we also make sure that the work that we perform is up to code and abides by our contractors license. Everything we do has to have a level of quality that others may not be held to, and this allows us to deliver the best quality product to our clients.

Hotel Design, Planning, & Execution

Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your lobby area, redesign the room layout for certain rooms, or just build an entirely unique building, we’ve got teams that can make that happen. We have the best crew of contractors with years of experience in various construction fields so that there is no aspect to your hotel buildout that is left untouched. We are a one-stop shop because of our licensed contractors; whether it’s electrical, plumbing, architecture, design, or any other component to your hotel, we have a person for the job, and therefore you don’t need to hassle with dozens of different builders.

From the pre-construction phase, we work with you to put together the scope that matches your budget, we handler permitting and scheduling, all in the hopes to make the construction process as smooth as possible. We then work with you on the design so that you are able to fully realize your dream building, and in this phase we can help you determine where to allocate certain focuses. All in all, our goal is to bring your dream to life, and we will work hard towards that goal.

To capture market share, increase the worth of your hotel, enhance your guests’ experiences, or reinvent your brand—start with the builder that makes your success their priority. You will feel just as comfortable, confident, and relaxed working with us to create your hotel as your guests will be when they stay with you. There will not be another hotel like yours, and everyone will want to stay with you when they are in town.

If you would like to optimize your hotel investment and lessen project risk, contact us today.

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