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  • Kitchen Remodeling OrlandoKitchens – New, Upgrades, Complete Remodels
    When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, we make sure your requests are met. We understand how important life can be in the kitchen so we make sure when remodeling, you are set up with an upgrade you will never forget.
  • Bathrooms – New, Upgrades, Complete Remodels
    When it comes to bathrooms, we know all the tricks. More storage, nicer floors, better shower/tub, you name it we will find a way to do it. We make sure you are smiling from ear to ear before we leave.
  • Painting – Interior and Exterior
    We all know how the color of walls can either bring a room to life, or destroy the atmosphere. Whether it’s the color of your home or the color of your rooms, we have the best paint and painters you will find.
  • Flooring – Tile, Hardwood, Laminate
    Thinking about new floors? We understand that you might have pets, children, or company over that can wear the floors down. When it’s time to remodel we have a variety of sharp looking flooring that fits everyone’s needs.
  • Walls – Flagstone, Brick, Block, Pre-Fab Masonry
    Decorating your walls with the material above can bring a whole new feel to your home. Providing contrast, curb appeal, or a sense of warmth to your home is exactly what they will do and anyone that visits will be in awe.
  • Windows – New, Custom Remodel, Storm Windows, Storm Shutters
    We can install any window you would like, but we recommend our Energy Efficient windows or our Storm windows for those who want to protect their home to the fullest.
  • Driveways – Concrete, Pavers
    You don’t want a dirty, muddy road leading to your front door. That drags in extra wear and tear to your flooring and carpet. Let us create a beautiful concrete or paver driveway so your friends aren’t sinking in the mud.
  • Patios – Concrete, Pavers, Wood, Tile
    No matter where you live, fresh air is something humans long for. Sitting outside on your grass can get a little itchy. We can build you a unique patio that flows right along with the atmosphere of your home.
  • Summer Kitchens – Appliances, Cabinets, Counters, Indoor / Outdoor Fireplaces
    Summer time is spending hours in the sun, by the pool, or relaxing out back. We have all the appliances that will have your summer kicking it cool. Enjoy our indoor or outdoor fireplaces, outside refrigerator, cabinets full of treats, and don’t worry about the bugs. Our outside appliances were made for… Outside.
  • Walkways and Decks – Concrete, Pavers, Wood, Stone
    Create a stunning walkway or deck. With our help, your walkway or deck will be perfect for all types of shoes. Get that polished style, look that will have your guests raving.
  • Fencing – Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Wrought Iron
    There’s nothing creepier than your neighbors being able to watch your every move. Or how about having to put a leash on your dog every morning to let them out. Getting a fence can help with these every day trials and we have the perfect one for your needs.
  • Garages – New, Custom Remodel, Rebuild
    Making sure the roof over your head is in great condition comes first, but making sure the roof over your baby (your car) is in great condition comes second! We have the best garage rebuilds, and we can make sure your car is resting in a safe place.
  • Room Additions – Add Ons, Second-Story Builds
    Whether you’re expecting another child or expecting company, adding on an extra room or space can be a lot of help! We will map out where the add-on room would be best and you’ll feel like you’re in a new home in weeks.
  • Cracked Walls and Ceilings – Repair or Replace
    Cracked walls and ceilings not only look bad but can be unsafe. We can repair or replace your walls or ceiling back to new, leaving no trace damage was every there.
  • Door Adjustments – Repair or Replace
    Are your doors a mess? No stress! We go you covered on all your door replacements or repairs.
  • Commercial Grade Modular Play Structures and Shade Shelters Installed
    Brighten your children or pet’s day with a play structure of shade! We can install a variety of commercial grade modular play structures that will have your little ones out in the sunshine and out of their rooms!
  • Home RemodellingAny Type of Complete or Partial Home Remodeling or Renovations
    You want it fixed, repaired, remodeled, renovated; we do it all. We have top of the line advising for your home and we make sure your vision is completed.
  • Site Work – Walkways, Flagstone Projects
    We can build you a beautiful Flagstone walkway  that holds unique color and shape. This exotic stone was used in castles back in the thirteenth century so we make sure you feel like royalty walking up to your home.
  • Interior Decorating Specialists
    Not sure how to decorate? We have the best interior decorators that will work with your preferences on creating a unique atmosphere. We encourage you to visit our “Why Us” page to see why we’re the best in Orlando.


Our goal is to make your existing home into your dream home.

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