Interior Remodeling

Orlando Interior RemodelingHave you been inspired by the latest home decorating magazine, looking for a change, or do your new walls need a fresh coat of paint? Our painting contractors will come in and take care of the job for you so you’re not worried about spills or painters tape or uneven coats of paint. We will always be courteous of your home, providing quality work while staying out of your way as much as we can.

Cracked Walls and Ceilings
Over time, walls and ceilings may need to be repaired or replaced. If you see a crack in a wall or ceiling of your home, you should contact a professional immediately. They will be able to diagnose the severity of the issue and be able to tell you what needs to be done.

Four Panel Lanai Doors
Open up your living space to the outdoors with four panel doors. Four panes of glass bring in extra natural light while connecting you with the outside. These doors have the capability opening completely, joining your living space with your outdoor patio.

Door Adjustments
The doors of your house allow you to be safe in your home but also release you to the outside world. For these reasons they are used frequently and may be mishandled at times. Your sliding doors might be hard to close from the track wearing out. With the various elements your doors are up against, they may sometimes need to be adjusted to continue to work the way that they are meant to. We can help with any door problems you may be facing by repairing or replacing them.

We can install any type of window into your home for a transformation inside and out. We do however recommend energy efficient and functional for our new home builds or replacement windows. If you are unsure what you should replace your old windows with, ask us for advice.

Room Additions
If you are running out of space in your current home but do not want to move into a bigger house, a room addition may be your best option. We can build additional rooms onto your home while making sure to blend the new with the existing parts of the house. We can either build out or add on a second story.

Bookshelves can be decorative while being a great storage space. You can use them to display books or other knickknacks sound systems, photos children’s school or sports awards around the house. We will build custom bookshelves anywhere in your house.


Our goal is to make your existing home into your dream home.

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