Pool Remodeling


About Stonebridge Contracting’s Pool Remodeling

At Stonebridge Contracting, we have a wide array of remodeling choices for residential swimming pools. A beautiful pool can complement any home, and we are dedicated to providing you with the perfect option to remodel your pool.
A backyard swimming pool can be an exciting luxury or a dreaded chore. Stonebridge Contracting can construct a beautiful backyard pool to ensure that you consistently look forward to using your residential swimming pool.
We are here for you to make remodeling a pleasant experience with no stress involved. The hardest decision you will have to make is deciding how you want your pool to be remodeled, and we will do the rest! Our number one goal is to provide a stress-free, beautiful addition to your home.
At Stonebridge Contracting, we can take you step by step through a streamlined process of concept layouts, material purchasing, and all appliances needed to make the process smooth. We are here from start to finish.
No matter if you just need simple pool renovations or a more complete remodeling of your pool, we have the experience to ensure your updated swimming pool is everything you have wanted. We strongly believe aesthetically pleasing home renovations do not need to be sacrificed for safety and conventionality. Let us bring your dream pool to reality.
We can provide complimentary consultations and project quotes upon your request and we can walk with you through your project goals and concerns about design and construction.

Some of the Pool Remodeling Services We Offer


If your pool surface is old and grimy, or you are just needing something new, we can help you decide what resurfacing options are best for you.

Resurfacing pools can improve the looks of any pool. Stonebridge Contracting can make the decision easier between our variety of surfacing options. We have a variety of surfaces ranging from pebble to fiberglass.

Pool Decks

Pool decks can be conventional or innovative. You may want to bring a dream pool deck to life or just fix up the one you already have. We can build a deck so you can achieve a perfect pool deck for your lifestyle, whether the design is simple or complex.


Stonebridge Contracting can build a beautiful waterfall for your backyard pool. A waterfall can be a stunning and fun addition to a residential swimming pool and enhance the look of your backyard.
Spa Tub
Spa tubs complement residential swimming pool. They are perfect for use year round and in winter months when it is too cold to be swimming in an unheated pool.
Swimming Pool Additions and Accessories
Do you have a pool that is lacking some accessories? If you are looking to add lights to your pool to add extra visibility or add a heater to your pool so you can swim no matter the season, we have options that are perfect to fit your needs.
Call us today if you would like to set up a complimentary consultation to receive a quote on your individual pool remodeling project.

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