Break Fix vs. Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix Services

We’ve all been there. You’re back at the office trying to finish up your day and something goes wrong with your technology. It could be a bad Wifi connection, a broken keyword, a printer that won’t print documents, etc. So what do you do?

In the world of information technology, professionals define their services in two different ways: break-fix vs. managed services.

What Is Break-Fix IT?

Break-fix IT services refers to one-off fixes for broken technology. This means you pay a standard hourly rate anytime you need help from an IT service professional. This is a great service if you occasionally need help with your technology, be it a computer, a printer, your internet connection, etc. The service provider will take a look at the issue and help you resolve it as quickly as possible.

Who Is Break-Fix Best For?

Break-fix IT services are best for people who rarely have tech issues. This likely means the person is not working on their tech every day, 40 hours a week. For busy contractors who use their technology a lot, paying someone an hourly rate to fix your computer is not the best option. It becomes costly over time and you will find yourself always calling your IT person.

If you find yourself in this spot, you’re better off going with a managed services provider.

What Is Managed Service IT?

Managed service refers to having a professional hired at a monthly retainer to work on IT issues anytime they come up. This means that anytime you experience an issue with your technology, a repair person is ready and waiting.

Why Choose Managed vs. Break-Fix?

Aside from the convenience of having someone on hand to fix computer issues, managed IT services are generally less expensive. While you’ll expect to pay up to $175 / hour for a break-fix IT contractor, you’ll likely only spend $500 for a monthly retainer. This is because the IT professional has a guaranteed contract with you and they don’t have to worry about finding new clients. Because of this, they are able to pass on a much better rate to you.

Finding the Budget for IT

As a service professional, you should be focused on contracting or construction work like roofing, decking, building fences, electrical work, etc. Like many contractors, you don’t have the time to mess with a broken laptop or a non-functioning piece of equipment. This is the number one reason you’ll want to outsource your IT and dedicate a small budget toward a service provider.

Evaluate your current technology needs to help dictate the right budget going forward. If you employ multiple people and have multiple machines that need to be maintained on a frequent basis, you’ll benefit from a managed service provider. As mentioned, be expected to pay at least $500 for this service. In the long run, you’ll find this cost is well worth it.

Conversely, if you are an independent contractor who rarely runs into tech and IT issues, you’re probably best suited with a break-fix IT professional. They’ll be able to take care of your issues without you breaking the bank too much.

Next Steps

If you’ve recently hired a local IT support company to help with your business, let us know how it’s going. We’ll likely revise this post to include your information for our readers to see.

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