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Technology You Need for a Contracting Business

Being a contractor has you on the go most of the time. You’re trying to move from one appointment to another, providing estimates for customers or you’re actually on the job working on a project. Because of the demands of this type of work, you need the right technology in your corner to make things easy. You’ll obviously need a smart phone, but have you considered how a tablet can make you more efficient? In this post we’ll break down a few different types of tech helping contractors become more successful.

A Smartphone Is An Absolute Must

Phones are ubiquitous now for everyone and can run applications for just about anything. Not only do you need a phone to make calls for your business, but you can use it for scheduling, running your calendar, emailing, sending out quotes and a list of other things. Without a phone on you at all times, you could be missing updates from your staff or missing out on potential business.

While everyone has a preference when it comes to a phone, be it an Apple iPhone or an Android phone, the most important thing to remember is how it works with the rest of your technology. For example, if you use an iPhone on the go, but a PC back the office, you may experience some synching issues. Keep things easy by choosing one line of tech.

Use a Tablet for Better Visuals

For electricians, plumbers, painters and the like, it’s common to take photos of a project. You’ll want those photos to be high quality and large, and can get better images from the help of a tablet (rather than a cell phone). Additionally, if you mockup any blueprints or drawings for customers, a tablet is going to be able to show it much better.

Like phones, iPads and other styles of tablets can power just about any app you need them to. You can send quotes from your tablet, follow up on emails and manage your marketing presence (i.e., Facebook updates) on the go. Again, the brand of tablet you choose is personal preference, but consider how it blends in with the rest of your tech.

Cloud-Based Technology

Think about this scenario: you’ve been out on the job all day, putting together cost estimates or doing accounting on the go. You get back to the office before you call it a day and you want to see a summary on your computer. The perfect way to do so is by storing all of your information in the cloud. This allows you to draw anything you need to save from any device, be it a computer, a phone or a tablet. Using cloud-based technology will allow you to become more organized and therefore efficient.

Keep Your Technology Updated

The last thing you want to happen is to run into a software update when you’re trying to provide an estimate for a client. Take time throughout the week to keep your technology updated with app updates or core software updates. This will again make you faster and ensure your devices are running at their optimal level. You may also consider hiring a tech repair service to keep everything updated for you. It’s a small price to pay to ensure your technology works worry-free.

Don’t Forget About a Website

To make it easier for customers to find you, be sure to have a website for your contracting business. Website developers like Jeff Romero say, “a website is a necessary tool to conducting business.” He continues, “think of your website like a business card. Leave a lasting impression with customers and make it easy for them to find you. You may have a Facebook page or a Thumbtack page already and that is okay. But a website gives you a place where you own your branding and information.”

Aside from a computer at the office, an iPad to take on the go and a mobile phone on you at all times, what other kind of technology do you find works best as a contractor? Let us know in the comments.

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