4 Things for Retirement

4 Things to Consider When You Retire

Whether you’re in construction, general contracting or working in the office doing administrative duties, everyone looks forward to the day they can retire. Retirement is a way to close the chapter on your work life and give yourself a much needed break for the coming years. However, for anyone on the brink of retirement, there can be a lot of questions and considerations.

Here are the top 4 things to consider when it’s your turn to retire.

1. Are You Financially Prepared?

When it comes time to retirement, most working individuals are well-prepared from a financial perspective. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t review your finances and monthly expenses. If you’re used to spending quite a bit each month, you’ll need to revisit what you’ll be receiving in the form of retirement payments each month to be sure you can comfortably cover your expenses. Consider dining, groceries, mortgage payments (if you still have a mortgage), HOA fees, traveling expenses, etc. Anything you currently pay for while working should be considered in your monthly budgeting.

2. Have You Considered Moving?

Many retirees make the decision to flee their home states for warmer states once they retire. For this reason, Florida and Arizona are known for being home to 65+ retired individuals. However, recent years have seen plenty of people relocated to 55 and older communities in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and even Idaho. Although these locations don’t provide the sunny weather some retirees prefer, they do provide an active adult lifestyle. For instance, Utah and Colorado are filled with hiking and bike paths you’ll love if you enjoy getting outside.

3. Do You Need Medicare?

Another question, especially for independently employed contractors, is regarding medicare and health insurance. If your business has provided insurance for the last several years, you’ll need to plan to find an individual medical insurance program to appropriately cover your needs. Most retirees can qualify for Medicare in their state, but you’ll need to check with your local insurance agent. He or she will advise you on any paperwork you’ll need to fill out and if you cannot qualify for the program for some reason.

4. Find a Hobby

Retirement is a time to enjoy your time off from a life of working. However, many retirees report it’s easy to get bored and miss the working life. If this sounds like something you might run into, it’s highly recommended to find a new hobby.

Playing Tennis

Play a new sport like pickle ball, golf or tennis; pick up a project like working on an old car; learn a new skill like crocheting; or start traveling the country more. If it fits your lifestyle, you may enjoy purchasing an RV and traveling across the United States. This is a time for you to do whatever you want to.

While we all look forward to the day we can retire, it’s important to have a plan for when that special day comes. Think about what you want to do with your spare time and start making plans to move if that fits your situation. In any case, remember that it’s your time to do whatever you like.

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